Association "ARGO"
Association of Naval Parents of Children with Special Needs "ARGO"


The department is composed from young persons with Diffuse Developmental Disturbances/Autism.

Is so much given accent in the maintenance and/or growth of basic daily dexterities:
  • Individual Hygiene
  • Self-service
  • Washing of teeth
  • Washing of hands
  • Feeding
  • Clothing / undressing

as much as in the growth of communication and socialization:

  • circle for GOODMORNING and GOOD MIDDAY
  • use of body language
  • Sign language
  • Eye contact
  • Use of speech, for those who are able
  • Exterior programs in cafeterias or spaces of recreation (children's playgrounds, parks)

Accent also is given in the learning of cognitive dexterities:

  • pre-writing exercises
  • identification / discrimination of colours, forms, sizes, quantities
  • time order / succession

and in the creativity educated via artistic activities

  • painting
  • collage
  • clay
  • plastecine modelling

All more it is adapted activities individual (TEACCH - specialised program of structured education) or bodily.

Our objective is the attendance all educated in the activities and their resistance in to be completed them with or without the help of instructors.

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