Other programs

The team of AmEA faces a serious problem. That of her Social Exclusion. This phenomenon functions bi-directionally: from the side of society (their lack of acceptance because of their solidified perceptions for the individuals with infirmities), but also from the side of himself individuals (lack of communication and integration with the social structure).

Thus therefore, one of the main objectives "ARGO" goes beyond the pedagogic programs, it is the adoption of energies that contributes in the socialization of the student with the integration, in the configuration of his daily programs, methods and techniques that aim in the growth of their social dexterities.

The methods and techniques of growth of social dexterities are included in in a mesh of daily possibilities that is provided to the young persons of our Centre, in order to acquire, enhance and expand the faculty of communication between students, so thatcommunication between them and members of society is attainable and with ease. The communication, the discussion between the members of team and the common work inside and outside the installations "ARGO", they are the main methods that are used and help in the transfer of messages and information. This exchange of information with simulations of situations, helps the students with the various problems in all the expressions of life, or the conformity of everyday routines, or with the behavior and the relations in real social environments etc

Objectives are the reinforcement of behavior, sociability, comprehension, communication, maturity, responsibility, adaptability, insistence, initiative, non verbal communication etc.


Social dexterities

Teams of growth of social dexterities

Every week are two teams of meetings, that are coordinated by the Social Functional of Centre. Object of  the meetings is on one side the growth of spirit of collaboration and adaptation between all students, as well as the learning of faculties that is necessary for the daily contact with the social total.


Discussion groups

For the 4th continuous year a discussion and debate team, which consists of 10 students, is coordinated by the supervisor during a weekly one hour meeting The members of team have been selected with basic criterion.


Outdoor programs

Exterior educational and recreational programs.



Teams of theatrical game - Dramatization

Are weekly realised two meetings and are coordinated by two animators. Objective of this meetings is the acquisition of particular relation with the body and the expression of sentiments and situations via this, as well as the enrichment of mobility and neuro-muscular coordination.



The summertime allows ARGO students to participate in 15 days under canvas at the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Associations of Parents and Guardians of Individuals with Infirmity (POSGKAmeA), or in the individual camping programs that organises our institution in private camps.


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