Association "ARGO"
Association of Naval Parents of Children with Special Needs "ARGO"


Pedagogic Department P2, is constituted by a team of boys and girls with Heavy Intellectual Delay and elements of autism.

Main aim of programs is:

  • to develop the potential faculties and dexterities
  • to practise itself aesthetically
  • to exercise physical and motor skills
  • to develop attention, concentration
  • growth of their sociability via external programs

The daily program of the department is constituted by Programs:

  • Individual Hygiene
  • Programs of self reliance
  • Pedagogic activities
  • Programs of communication

areas in  the programs of self reliance include:

  • Washing of hands
  • Washing of teeth
The programs of self reliance also instructs in :
  • Clothing - undressing jacket and kre'masma
  • setting and arranging of dining table
  • Cleanliness of order

Pedagogic activities include:

  • Figurative activities using useless material and various materials for the manufacture collage, mobiles, mosaics.

Programs of communication with use of photographs and pictures.

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